Bi-cep Tendonitis

Hello, i have “bi-cep tendonitis” And I have done my research and have concluded my own thesis, but I am no expert, and all I know about it is what I have read online really.

I am pretty knowledgeable about what type of medicine I need to take. Something along the lines of a “anti-inflamatory”.

Alright well, I need some advice on what I should do to heal quicker and safer and healthier. So far, my tendonitis has been ating up for about a week. I have been icing my shoulder after everyone of my highschool practices for about 15-20min. And still I have pain, so I decided to go and buy “Naproxen Sodium” at “220mg” a dose. I will be taking them for about 10-15days 1 pill per dose every 8-12hrs with food and 1 glass of water as directed to reduce inflamation. I also bought a “muscle rub” to reduce pain on a more immediate level and take care of that ache and it seems to be working so far. I just started my “Naproxen Sodium” today. March the 3rd 2007.

So am I on the right track to help get better. I am a Varsity Pitcher and SS and I want to be able to throw 100% when I need to. Also I am on my 2nd day of rest without throwing.

Any tips or advice would help. I would like to eliminante this problem.

Thanks, by the way I am 17 and 3mths.

You’re asking people to play doctor and recommend something based on your diagnosis. I don’t think that’s gonna’ happen.

No, I’m a 17yr with bi-cep tendonitis and anyone who’s ever delt with it before, I would like to know if I am on the right track to recovery and any tips. Not a prognosis. Thanks :wink:

You need to go see a doctor so he can check you out and make sure you haven’t damaged something in your arm.

Taking the Aleve on the schedule that you are taking it will probably not work. You need to go see a doctor who can tell you if you should be using it and how much and when to take it. Taking Aleve or whatever brand of Naproxen Sodium you are using for too long can be dangerous for your health.

I know it can be dangerous, although so can many (NSAID’s). “Ibprofen” “Flubiprofen” etc. But I asked a pharmasist and she told me to take it for a month along with the muscle cream twice daily and 20 min of ice after each time I throw. I already have been diagnosed with tendoitis by my doctor so I know that I have it for sure. I just don’t think it is serious enough to go to the doctors. Thank you for your concern. I am only taking it for one week. At half the dosage. 220mg instead of 440mg for 2 weeks.


There are many muscles, tendons and other connective structures in the general area you’re talking about. Unless you have enough training to differentiate between these items you’re in no position to make your own diagnosis. Just because you had a problem once doesn’t mean this one is identical.

Others have suggested you seek some professional medical help and I suggest the same. You are playing with serious fire. If I were your coach I wouldn’t let you on the field until I had a written go-ahead from your doc.


Dude your an idiot. I have already been diagonosed with tendonitis, it is the same thing. It comes back every year. Usually I get RX Ibprofen. But right now I am on Naproxen regular strength. It is also a anti-inflammatory. Which helps tendonitis. I was just wanting some info on this not to be lectured. If I wanted to be lectured I’d call up my father that I haven’t seen in 2 years and ask him. Oh and by the way I already have my doctors signature, I have to pass a physical examination…duh!!

Lecture you? Hardly. The fact that you mis-spell bicep and tendinitis tells me you need help beyond your own opinion. Taking drugs for these problems is a really bad idea because it doesn’t eliminate the root cause. I repeat that you’re playing with fire.

Where I coach, if a high school player is injured, to get back on the field the player must provide written proof that they have obtained medical care and that the doctor releases them for active participation.

I’m sorry your dad isn’t part of your life. That must be pretty tough for you. And that’s no reason to pass out free insults. At this point why would anyone choose to answer your questions? If you don’t want help, don’t ask.

You stated that you wished to know if you were on the right track to recovery. My opinion: no.

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

Tendonitis that keeps recurring may be due to a mechanical problem.

Sometimes you can call the doctor’s office for something like the proper dosage for an over the counter drug for your problem and they will get back to you with an answer. No harm in trying.

Keenan, I hold you in high esteem for your focus and intent. Just learn not to bite the hand that feeds…

It sounds like you’re really on your own when it comes to baseball. You are taking meds and asking a panel of strangers if that is the right path to take. I am sorry that you don’t have an older male role model, but geez! When someone replies to your request for opinions, you call him an idiot.

Okay, enough of this, buddy. This is the second time you have insulted members of the this forum that I am aware of. If you don’t like what people are saying, don’t ask. I sympathize with you if you are without a dad, but don’t take it out on those who are only trying to help. And if you can’t hold your tongue (for goodness sake, this is written correspondence!) then don’t ask for help.

The one you should be talking to about your meds is a doctor. I ain’t a doctor, but I see a lot of sick people in my work. They expect me to know what a doctor knows (I’m an Emergency Medical Technician). Heck, I don’t know! I know a lot about whether to call you sick or not sick. But it’s the doctor who has the training and experience to tell you the nuts and bolts of how to take meds and the best path to healing an injury.

If you can’t afford a doc, call the city hotline where you live. Usually, they can point you in the direction of a clinic or doctor who can help for a reduced cost. But don’t ask a bunch of strangers. Especially if you think you have a shot at a better future through sports. And most especially if you’re just going to turn around and insult the very people that you are counting on for information!

Good luck, and God bless you. I hope I see you in the majors!