Between start workout program for 14 year pitcher

I am coaching a 14u travel team this Spring and was looking for a weekly workout routine for my two main pitchers who will be pitching every weekend. They are not playing league baseball during the week, so they want a workout routine to recover from one weekend and prepare for the next.

What equipment will they have at their disposal?

I’m assuming in the spring they will be either 8th grade or freshmen?

jump rope
2 1/2- 5 blb weights

jump rope 1 min- 1 burpee
jump rope 1 min- 2 burpee
jump rope 1 min- 3 burpee
…and so on until you get to 10 burpees with the least amount of rest between each activity, Time them and then as their fitness levels get better there times will as well

since they are 14 start out slowly and eventually work up to this … good luck