Between Inning Activity or Inactivity

Whenever I watch an MLB game there is usually a camera shot of the starting pitcher in the dugout with a jacket and towel to keep him warm (that takes care of the upper body…how about the legs?).

What do you think pitchers should do in between innings to keep themselves ready to pitch the next inning? Low level aerobic activity like riding a stationary bike? Skip rope? Take a nap?

Nothing, at least nothing I have seen. Your legs are heavily used during pitching and in between innings its a way to give your lower half some rest.

When i pitch i have to keep stretching my legs between the inning or else i cramp up on cold days and can last as long, it there has been a long batting dig by my side its hard to get the legs working again after the break if i havent done anything.
I would agree with alanshadow on that something needs to be done during the break on the lower body

Stretching is best done when the body is warm so it seems to me that some low level aerobic activity would facilitate stretching, particularly on cold days.