Better videos, please help :)

i am looking to get, velocity period, please give any tips…

i have a higher left knee raise, i land with my foot pointing foreward, and i tuck my glove to my body… those are 3 things i have changed. what else can be done?

U need to get ur hips moving a bit more faster that will actually make u stride farther increasing speed!

You tempo is way too slow. After stepping back, your center of gravity starts moving forward as you step forward to rotate into knee lift. But then it stalls out as your knee lift peaks and starts to drop. Keep your hips moving toward the target and get them going faster.

Also, your glove arm flies open. Keep it out front until foot plant before letting the glove elbow drop and the glove turn over. Then bring your chest to the glove. This will become easier to do as your tempo increases because it won’t feel like you’re having to hold the glove out front so long.

These adjustments will let you create more energy to put into the ball and it will improve your timing to let you rotate late. That will help maximize your velocity. It should also lengthen your stride and move your release point closer to home plate which will further reduce batter reaction time.

Your back foot lifts off the ground before ball release
i think u shud also fix that

how do i get my hips moving faster…

rotate my body more towards second as i lift my knee, like show more of my back to the batter

or do you mean to rotate them faster on the follow through,

im not sure how

No, I’m not suggesting you rotate your hips sooner. I’m talking about getting your center of gravity moving toward home plate sooner. I refer to the hips because that’s where I like the focus to be. So, push your hips - sideways - towards home plate sooner and faster. But rotate them when the should (start to rotate them right before foot plant to allow the front leg and foot to open into foot plant but finish the rotation right after foot plant).

The first thing I noticed is that you plant your right foot and then twist it again when ur bringing ur left leg up. To me, thats showing that you are unbalanced because you cant keep your planted leg still. You dont want to twist your body around like you are swinging, so try to stay balanced as you are bringing your left leg up.

You should be able to stand on your right leg with your left leg raised for a couple of seconds, if you cant accomplish that, then you are not properly balanced.

should i have kept my left foot pointing towards third when i land instead of home?? i used to have it towards thinrd, but i am changing that because i thought it was supposed to point towards home plate

I interpret that article to mean you should keep your foot closed as long as possible up to foot plant but to open it up right before foot plant. So, at foot plant, the foot is pointing in the vicinity of home plate.

yah now that i think about it, if u wait longer, it should generate more turn with your hips at the right time…

i have been working on speeding up my motion, ill post a video in a little bit, thanks for the help guys

you guys want me to speed up, should it really matter though… look at dan haren, how does he get so much velocity

Mostly with just arm.

Regardless of what aspect of the pitching delivery we’re talking about, you can always find a pro pitcher who is successfull at doing that aspect poorly or opposite of the recommended way. But that doesn’t mean you should try to do it that way. While it is possible to get good at doing things in less than optimal ways, it’s not the fastest way to get good. And it may be more injury prone.

In the case of tempo, I think you’ll find there are many more pitchers who have good tempo. Haren pauses at the balance point yet he still throws hard. To me, that puts more stress on the arm. Haren also falls off to the side which tells me he is right on the border of opening up early. He probably does open up early a certain percentage of the time. And that also puts more stress on the arm. Over time, if one doesn’t have proper strength and genetics, that additional stress will cause a pitcher to break down.

I don’t see why falling off to the side means he is opening up. It could just be rotational momentum.

It depends on the timing of the “falling off”. If he falls off after release, then it probably is rotational momentum as you described. If he falls off before release, well, then he’s got a timing problem no doubt caused by some mechanical flaw.