Better velocity on one fix?

Hey guys just a quick question. Last night I came in relief and shut stuff down for 3 1/3 innings giving up only one hit and had 5 ks…I do throw harderin relief than I do when start…however before the game I decided to try a full wind up over the head instead of my normal glove and pitching hand set at my chest…I used to throw from a full wind up until a coach changed it. I saw a significant increase in my velocity last night. I wasn’t muscling up trying to throw hard either. My question is do you guys think that the full wind up could have set my timing and momentum in motion and caused this?

sure. that’s about the most detailed response you’re going to get without a clip.

I feel that when i do a full wind up I throw a little harder too.

I agree. Even we finesse pitchers have noticed this, that the full windup will give us more momentum. When I pitched, I used the full windup maybe 93% of the time; the only time I had to go to the stretch was with a runner on base, and that runner never stayed there very long because either I would pick him off or he would be caught stealing. By the way, you can pitch from the full windup with the bases loaded—I know that the whole purpose of the stretch is to prevent the runners from getting a good lead and stealing a base, but the runner on third doesn’t dare move, even with a full windup, because the throw to the plate will nab him! :slight_smile:

Truthfully it is impossible to say, cause it could have just been an allusion too.

I was once throwing a pen, when I was going from the wind up… I was barely busting 87. My coach told me to chill for a sec and change to stretch, I was then busting 91-92 with less effort. Idk, its all different from person to person.

Look at Ubaldo Jiminez’s no-no last night. He switched from going from a windup to going to the stretch exclusively after that last walk. It worked for him, he was more comfortable for some reason.

Sometimes a change in mechanics can show instant results. As Husky mentioned, it probably did altered something in his delivery like timing, balance, momentum, arm slot, or something else that allowed himself to throw harder.

Pitchers are always making adjustments. Roger Clemens comes to mind for me, he changed his mechanics several times during his career. Hitters change a lot too. Cal Ripken Jr. changed his hitting mechanics many times that I can remember.