Better Slider? (Help)

Does anyone know of any good articles, websites or pictures on how to a good consistent major league slider?

My slider is okay, but not always dominant. I’m looking for ways to improve it

any suggestions?

How do you throw it? I looked at your vids and your mechs are fairly sound. Have you been throwing it very long? What is your dominant pitch? Some folks just don’t get the knack, I suspect out of all the sites I’ve looked at, the stuff Steven has on grips is the most openly discussed as far as varieties and types, whats best etc. If you come stateside at all, I’d recommend looking into if they is a college seminar or clinic and attend. Many of them even if you are out of the age range won’t hesitate to give a hand to a paying customer. My son learned his slide piece from a college pitching coach.

hey jdfromfla,
thanks for the reply

Right now i’m throwing alot of 2-seamfastballs and a curveball at different speeds.
Against lefties i’ll mix in the splitter
Against righties i’ll mix in the slider

Most dominant pitch? i wouldn’t call my curveball dominant, but i can throw it anywhere i want on any count, its just not a pitch that i can fall in love with

I throw my slider grip kinda change from game to game, sometimes more of a cutter, sometimes more break. in the video i threw a couple of slider outside to the a couple of the righties

In highschool i had a scout that would try to teach me a slider after watching a few of my games
In college my pitching coach always tried to teach me, but it just never really work for me i guess

maybe its possible that someone can just not have a knack for it… but maybe by talking about it and reading new material, i can pick up something that will just click for me

well, i can tell you this, reading wont work lol.

practice practice practice.
use most common grip, just adjust 1 thing a time when u throw!
speed, wrist action etc. when u see its good slider, I hope u rememberd what u adjusted:)

baseball on paper(orinternet) aint gonna teach you.

“baseball on paper(orinternet) aint gonna teach you.”

Yo Rod you found the elephant in the room :wink:
Skull sessions help in many things and helping someone understand isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you are right, taking it to the field is where the rubber hits the road so to speak (Sorry I’ve got to my cliche limit).

Adam, seems like you’ve been working on this for some time, what is the reason the pitch is less than you’d like (Can’t throw it for a strike, not enough break, not sharp enough…etc). You seem to have a nice mix of pitches, many outstanding pitchers never throw a slider…I’ve never seen Maddux throw one for example (He rarely throws a curve). Some greats threw sliders but no curves…Bob Gibson quickly pops into my mind.
What is it that is missing from what you do right now (Need a wipe out pitch, too predictable…)?

What is it that is missing from what you do right now (Need a wipe out pitch, too predictable…)?[/quote]


I guess whats missing from what I do now is the strikeouts. I like to have something thats alittle more unhittable.

I guess a great slider is one of the toughest pitches to hit…

my slider is missing the “great”

I’m not really sure what makes the great slider so great… is it the deceptiveness, the amount of the break, the sharpness,
i guess all of it.

“i can throw it anywhere i want on any count, its just not a pitch that i can fall in love with”

This is your curve…you throw the slidey but wish it was better…AND you throw Mr. Splitty? I would suggest you go back to basics in your plate approach…did you ever consider that you may be attempting to out think yourself…throwing too many can marginalize even your best. Attack the batter and keep it simple, change speed and location, challenge with your best and don’t give in. You can wipe a righty out on a good splitter just as you do a lefty…heck Rocket does it all the time. I think I’d suggest you tighten down not build up your arsenal. You may at that point find that the wipe out pitch you choose has all the components you want to get the job done.
I say this because you’ve obviously had the proper amount of training to throw it right and grip it properly, once you throw it right, it is just like Rod said; practice etc.