Better Mechanics

I can pitch strikes but most of my fastballs are higher than i want. Almost every curve i throw breaks way too early. An advice on how to fix this.

most of the time, fastballs ending up too high are due to the fact you dont finish your pitches with a flat back like you should. pitch like you want your hand to scrap on the floor after release and you should really see a difference.


Higher fastballs and early breaking curves indicate a premature forward weight shift or an overactive Front Leg. Without seeing your video, I can’t tell which.

In either case, your solution begins by modifying your Starting Position to bring your weight just to the Home Plate side of your Back Heel. This athletically stacked position allows you to keep your weight toward Second longer into your motion and for you to better engage your Hips at Foot Plant.

With this Starting Position, the energy from your motion has a better chance to move into your Throwing Hand. Your fastballs will come down and your Curve ball will break later.

Good luck.

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute