Better mechanics - OLD VIDS included!

NEW sideview

NEW sideview LONG

NEW backview

I’ve noticed in my backview that I’m falling towards third base. It’s also notable in the sideview.

My old mechanics since last post here:

And the ones from the stonage :stuck_out_tongue: my second shout for help thread I made.

Again guys: All help is appreciated!


The amount your falling towards 3rd base is not a problem. It’s just your rotational momentum takng you that way.

You’ve gotten better. You look more mature and have a little more explosiveness in your delivery.

I would still like to see you work on your arm action a little more. You’re throwing elbow is a little low and you seem to “pie throw” just a little. A more whippy arm right after hand break is what you’re trying to achieve.

Am I not losing my velocity by not being behind the ball? And I’ll work on my arm action. Thanks

This is terrible, dangerous advice.

His arm action is fine.

Do you typically throw from a hole like that? That mound is bad. Do your landscapeing man!! Then get some more video. Looks pretty good (More schooled) but man that hole messes your balance and your stride up.

Hm next year I’ll have better mounds so this is not a big problem imo. And my elbow is sometimes under my should, so I’m working on getting my arm earlier in a high position for example Derek Holland’s arm action.

Which is fine.

But my arm get sore after a few pitches so I tried to get my arm up earlier which worked great without any soreness Ill try to upload a movie about that a.s.a.p

A low elbow is not the problem.

His arm is getting trapped behind his body (possible timing issue).

The elbow isn’t super low, but it is low enough to cause a mechanical disadvantage when getting up through the high zone.

The video is too poor to show this area of the delivery, but the issue is there.

You do have a timing problem, but it’s mostly unrelated to your low back elbow.

The low back elbow is a symptom, not the root cause of your problem.

Your key problem is that force pulling your shoulders open early with your GS elbow. Your back elbow stays so low because your glove side elbow pulls back hard and low. You arm action is remarkably similar to that of Mark Mulder and Jeff Francis, which isn’t exactly a good thing.

I would suggest trying to bring your chest to your glove.

Actually, what I see is inconsistency, Your front shoulder never squares to home, and you throw pretty closed off. I would say work on actually pointing the glove at home. The reason for this is if you point the glove, the shoulder will most likely be in line as well. Your lower body looks okay, I think the front toe should point at home plate, and front foot should be in line from the back foot and home. There are some players that can close off the front foot and still maintain accuracy, but with a lack of accuracy I would see if these things are the causes.