Better eye

most pitchers have a TERRIBLE eye when batting… i personally have a .520 on base percentage and a .352 avg :smiley: :shock:

but what helped me was to play a hell of a lotta baseball games and set the view to be behind the plate… like catcher view and just take hundreds of atbats like that… without the mindset of trying to hit homeruns

and also, when watching ball games get up and pretend like ur batting in the MLB and just swing at strikes and hold up on balls

i do this every game… i no it must look retarded but it works

im actually growing to luv batting and infield more than pitching :shock:

yeah I’m a decent batter too. In my league (which isn’t very good it’s JV) pitchers are pitchin from around 58-70. I had a .705 average, .800 OBP and could run home 2 first in 3.19 seconds. I mean these stats won’t be the same at a higher level of ball.


90 feet in 3 seconds is like

fast :shock:

i doubt its 3.19

i run it in 4.13

well I’m doing an overall baseball clinic and me and a couple friends we’re trying to outperform eachother so we did better and better each time. Eventually I got to 3.19.

who knows if I could do it again though. I run from all round the bases in a tiny bit under 11 seconds.

matt how old are you and do you play on the little league dimond or MLB?


u freak

this is my first year playing ball… never even touched a baseball before 2006

so i guess its a little more then a year

my first atbat in organized ball - double off the wall :smiley:

i hit it and my helmet got in my eyes and i had no idea where the ball was and i was so nervous i forgot u had to run the bases so i only ended up with 2 LOL

then next AB was a called SO but the ball was about 2 feet outside :expressionless:

then next AB was a swinging K

then next was an in the park homer

lol MLB no. I wish. I play JV ball for my crappy private school, can’t find a summer league round here. I’m 14.


i was thinking u were talking about 90 foot bases :expressionless:

it is 90 feet bases and 60 foot pitchers mound

i dont think anyone in the MLB runs the bases that fast

jose reyes gets to third in 10.6 seconds theres NO WAY you are faster then him lol.

No offense, but at age 14, if you can run 30 yards in 3.19 seconds, that means you should be running a sub 4.30 second 40 yard dash… That is insanely fast and at 14, I have my doubts, but who knows, you may be telling the truth…

I doubt I could even run it in that time and I’m pretty confident with myself in regards to being able to hang with some of the faster mlb/minor league players out there… But then again, I’ve never been timed, so who knows… I’m just basing this statement on the reactions I receive from coaches, team mates, and those who play basketball with me… Once I have access to a video camera, I’ll post a video of myself running… It’s really the only way to show how quick I really am…

that was my fastest time I could accomplish. I havn’t been able to do it again. I messed up with my time around the bases its around 12.10

Last season I batted .355 with 8 singles 2 doubles 1 triple and 3 RBIs(NO.1 Hitter) and 13 SB (100%). Of course I was a catcher.

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so far this year my B.A is .803 with 3 intentional walks 7 bunt base hits 1 triple and 5 doubles i can git frum home to first in just over 4 seconds i catch, pitch and play third. most of the time im at the hot corner cuz i close games

thats what they do with me

put me at 2nd or 3rd or SS

then put me in the last inning or 2 to close it out

my line as a closer is

5 IP
1 H
0 ER
ERA 0.00

and as a starter i was

and ERA of 1.14

so im doing better as a closer

I hit my first homer ever this weekend.
I’m a pretty good gap hitter, alot of doubles.

The average time for a right handed hitter in the MLB to get out of the batters box to first is about 4.3 and for a left hander its 4.2

Also the average 60 yard dash time for MLB is 6.9 seconds. The fastest guy on my high school team ran a 6.8 and well he doesn’t get thrown out in high school ball too often to say the least.

And if you ran 30 yards in 3.19 seconds thats pro speed. Justin Upton the 2005 1st overall pick ran a 6.23 60 yard dash at a Perfect Game Showcase. It was also the fastest time ever recorded there.

Thats some Steve Slaton speed if you ask me.