Better Curveball Tips

ok, I am a frosh. going to be a soph. in high school. i have a curveball but it moves more like a slider. Meaning i put a curveball grip on it but it once its pitched it breaks like a slider. Coaches have told me i need to release the ball higher to get more of a downward action on it. But once i do that the ball breaks a lot less and ends high of the K-Zone. Anyone have tips? :?: :?: :?:

First of all, this is very common. I am a soph. going to be a junior and I had this problem during the first half of my freshman season. The main thing on a curveball is that you need to stay on top of the ball. This is how you will create the big 12-6 break. What you are doing is you are staying on the side of the ball, which is why you are getting more of a slider than a curveball. Hope this helps.

thanks but what do you mean by getting on top of he ball?

I mean that you need to keep your fingers out in front of the ball. It is kind of hard to explain but try to lead with your fingers. Keep your fingers ont top of the ball, don’t get on the side.

Snap down hard and follow through hard. The harder you throw it the later the movement will be and it will have a nice sharp break. Lots of practice. Hope that helps

You have break down in your CB mechanics:

Lets start again:

make a (backwards if you’re right handed) C with your hand(fold 4th and picky fingers over), C should be made with index and ring fingers
Your thumb should be pointing toward your ear.
Place baseball so all 4 seamers rotate through air.
Go and buy a nerf ball-seriously-go and buy one
Practice the C grip with hte nerfball and cutting your hand away from the ball-the ball should tumble out of your hand with over spin over your index finger.

When you have mastered the sensation find a catcher (and a backstop).
Practice throwing the ball with proper spin. If straight over the ball should spin from 12 to 6 (just about) 3/4’s: 1 to 7.
Anything else is a break down in your curve ball mechanics.

after you have mastered this:

Think about more downward acceration with your arm rather than back to front (as with a fastball). The key is to ferociously accerate your arm so that it makes your CB grip cut your hand away from the ball and thus imparting tremndous (correct) rotation to your curveball.

If anything is not clear _I will try to clearify, Ian