Best Workout Rec

hi guys, I am looking for the best workout that will build up your velocity quickly. I am looking to add too my top speed which is around 80, any good workouts should I be doing? I greatly appericiate your time, thanks Mizuno… :slight_smile:

I don’t have a specific workout, but focus on your core, legs, glutes. Working on hips and groin is very important too. Remember to work hamstrings. Start a long toss program really working on following through with your throw. Good mechanics = better speed.

ok, I will give that a try! Anyone else have any ideas?

I don’t think that any strength workout will give you quick results. Basically, a strength program will take about 3 months of consistent work before it pays visible dividends. That being said, if you are interested in weight lifting there are many different options. I would start with a basic 3 day a week, full body workout (I have posted examples in this subforum, as have others). From there you can start finding your weakest areas and then tweaking the workouts accordingly.

Thanks KC!!