Best Way To Work On Mechanics

What is the best way to work on your mechanics?

I would assume its in bullpens right?

Bullpens are one way to work on mechanics but there are other places to work on them. In my opinion somethings can be worked on outside of the pen just as easily as they can be worked on from a mound. Things that I work on flat ground are front side stabiliy, curve ball mechanics, and I do a four phase drill - that you could probably say is a backward chaining drill.

I don’t say that a pen is the best place to work on such things - because saying this gives me an excuse not to throw or try to get better when a mound isn’t availabe. If I relied on throwing from a mound I would never throw and would never get better - I do most of my throwing on flat ground - mainly because I have better access to flat ground. I then try to move what I learned on flat ground to the mound and work with it there. But most of my throwing (80%) is from flat ground and most of my drills (90%) are on flat ground. This will change as I get closer to the season (because school fields will be open for use) - but for now this is how I do it. This also helps me to focus on specific parts of my delivery (front side, hand placement, release point) .

clemens threw a nerf ball into a mirror for hours. that worked pretty good

I always find it helpful to go through my whole motion very slowly and work on each step…especially the time when my front leg lands

A video camera

A net

A radar gun

This forum.

About 10,000 quality reps…