Best way to use back leg


I just wanted to get peoples opinions on what type of leg drive is best. I tried to implement a 3x drive style over the summer but a partial ucl tear sidelined me through most of the year and my new pitching coach advocates turning the backfoot at or after front foot strike to create more torque. I have good command with this approach and feel comfortable but my velocity is definitely lacking (I sit high 70’s im 6’3 200lbs). What have people had success with. more rotational or more drive and what is your opinion on timing.


At Stride Foot Contact (SFC), there isn’t a conscious “turn” of the back foot. Rather, the back foot should already be turning as your hips open but shoulders remain closed. See the second to last photo in this sequence of MLB pitcher David Riske:


My back leg gets my hips forward and allows me to get my plant as close to home as possible and begin my rotation phase. The power from the back leg drive allows for catapulting your upper half over your lower half.


so should I have my back leg being more angled towards my front leg when driving down the mound?


If you had everything already facing forward, you’d have nothing to throw with but your arm. So you need everything too start off 90 degrees away so they can rotate during your delivery to generate power.