Best way to improve command?


I’ve heard things about visulazing where you want to throw and different arm slots lead to different locations. Just wanted to hear your opinion.


Pitch like you wanted to pierce the catcher’s mitt
Be brave, dont waste pitches if you are not ahead in the count
Walks are potential runs.


I try to visualize the shape of the pitch and also the target. Then I focus on the smallest part of the mitt or catcher’s body that I can and start my delivery locked on that spot mentally. I still think focused bullpens where you throw the same pitch to the same location for 5-10 repetitions helps me groove my delivery and my feel for that specific pitch. If throwing to a net, I set up a batting tee in front of it. I set it to the location I want to hit and place the ball on the tee. If I manage to knock it off, I’ve located exceptionally well.