Best way to get arm strength back

any throwing program that i can do cause my arm just healed from little league syndrome and now it fine but my velocity dropped by more then 20 mph so anyway to get that back quick? but i dun want to rush it so a good throwing program would be good.

Sounds like a contradiction to me. Take your time and work back into it slowly.

Here’s one of many. I’d recommend some shoulder work, (jobe exercises, throwers ten, etc.) and then working your way up through the throwers rehab and from there into long toss until you reach your maximum distance. You may be able to start at a bit longer than 45’ if you’ve already been throwing for a while.

Often the reason for reduced velocity after a long break is gleno-humeral internal rotation deficit so I’d also recommend doing a search for sleeper stretch and doing the sleeper stretch on a daily basis. Even better would be going back to the doctor who treated you and getting a prescription for physical therapy if you have insurance and he or she will prescribe it.