Best way for high schoolers to pitch inside to batters 2

best way to pitch inside to batters who are on top of plate trying to take outside part of plate away from pitchers–we have good speed --change and curve.

Strategic Pitching 101.3.
When you’re facing a plate-crowder—and this is usually a guy who will hit to the opposite field—watch him. If he indicates that he’ll bunt, give him one high and inside, because that is the toughest pitch to bunt. In fact, you can jam someone like that, force him to back up. I faced quite a few batters like that in my playing days, and when I would come in there with a high inside pitch they would jump backwards to avoid being hit—and often the pitch would nip the inside corner for a high strike! Or they would foul it off. Same thing. The strike zone in my day was bigger than it is now, so I had more leeway, could use more of the plate, and thus had a greater advantage.
As to what pitches to throw to this greedy grabalot: Well, I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, so I threw snake-jazz—a lot of it—and I had great success with old Filthy McNasty, a sharp, late-breaking slider which I had nicknamed for a character in an old W.C. Fields movie, and a very good knuckle-curve. Those were my two strikeout pitches. And I had a whole basketful of changeups of all kinds, which I would use from time to time, moving them around, changing the batter’s eye level and generally confusing him. You can have a lot of fun with batters like that, bearing in mind that the objective is to get them out. 8)