Best swing

If you were teaching a new kid how to hit, who would you use from the major leagues and why?

For me it’d be Joe Mauer, he has a smooth, quick, compact swing that is very useful at hitting a baseball.

Robinson Cano. Nothing fancy, short to the ball, good extension, great finish.

Dustin Pedroia.

Never let anybody tell you that you can’t !

One from the vault, for Dino…

Exactly…hit that thing somewhere hard. Foul off as many as you have to. Very technical…

I would have to go for Miguel Cabrera - forget the Triple Crown - he gets to every ball, righty or lefty, doesn’t matter.

I think Leyland called it ‘the purest right-handed swing he has ever seen’.

Another one from the vault. for kylejamers…

That video makes me love baseball just a bit more than before. :wink: