Best supplements for pitchers

Coach Ellis,
Hope all is going well with you. I love your website. I’ve read all the articles and use many of the things you talk about. I was just wondering what your thought was on supplements. Currently I take a mutivitamin and take protein whey after my workouts and some practices. I was wondering if you think creatine or anything else would help me alittle more. This is my senior year in college and I hope to play after college. Thanks agsin for everything. Hope to hear from ya soon.

I know I’m not coach ellis, but one of the things that I take is a multivitamin, on whey 100 % gold-has glutamine in it, 4 grams a scoop- Optimum Zma, and optimum flax seed soft oil gells… Check out the creatine thread, Steve Ellis expresses his thoughts in there.

The zma helps you get a better nights sleep. Don’t worry, it just has zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6 in it… Just google it, you’ll get a better explanation, but if not, I’ll post a link…

As a pro, I was sponsored by a few nutritional supplement companies: PowerBar (still sponsored through 2007), CytoSport, and AdvoCare. All have good products. If I had to pay for these items, however, I might have thought twice about using them as they can be expensive.

I liked a supplement called “Wobenzyme.” I, of course, suggest you talk to a physician regarding the safety and use of any supplements, this included.