Best Stuff & A Robo Pitcher

hey steve or anyone on the board, who do you think has the best stuff in baseball and if you could build a robo pitcher of everyones stuff what would it be?

All around i would have to go with carlos zambrano his fastball can touch 100 and is constistent 96 with movement like a wiffleball his sinker and slider are just sick. he also used to throw a huge moving curve but i barely see him throw it any more
some relievers are pretty sick too but they are usually 2 pitch pitchers although gagne has 4 wicked pitches

for my robo pitcher i would go with this
4 Seamer… Bobby Jenks, Billy Wagner, Kyle Farnsworth all throw 100 and up

2 Seamer… Carlos Zambrano, Francisco Rodriguez, Greg Maddux

Slider… Randy Johnson, Kerry Wood, I know im forgetting some

Curve… Barry Zito, Ben Sheets, Francisco Rodriguez, AJ Burnett

Change… Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, Eric Gagne

Knuckle Curve… Mike Mussina

Splitter… Jose Conteres, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling

Slurve… K Rod sorta throws 1, Wood when he came up was the sickest pitch i have ever seen

Sinker… Carlos Zambrano, i know im forgetting people

Control… Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine in their primes

Mechanics… Mark Prior, Curt Schilling

All i know is that would be the sickest pitcher ever, looking forward to seeing you opinions on who whose stuff your robo pitcher you would have

cutter… Mariano Rivera


Eric Gagne already is that pitcher when he is healthy. SI polled the players and he was in the top five for his fastball, curve, and change.