Best strikeout pitch w/ an 0-2 count

what pitch do you think is the best to throw with an 0-2 count on a batter?

i forgot other. sorry guys.

depends on the hitter / outs / runners on base / score .

If i threw in the high 90’s and I gave him two fastballs, i’d say a good change, splitter, or curve.

for me it’s my slider… my delivery is exactly the same, and it looks like a fastball out of my hand. i’ve had my catcher tell me it’s my best pitch, and tells me about the confused batters asking him what it was.

That’s always a good sign. :lol: :shock:

It’s just not the pitch, but the location that is important. Any breaking pitch low and away, even in the dirt, is a good pitch. Since you are ahead you can get away with something out of the strike zone.

Depends on that quote and on which pitches the batter has seen, as I’m a knuckleballer, sometimes a fastball catches them off gaurd and I get a K.