Best Slider grip

I have recently started to work on a slider to go w/ my 2,4 seamers, kcurve and my palmball. I have seen a bunch of different slider grips. Which one works for you?

How old are you? If your not 18, why are you are you asking this question?

To answer against my better judgement, I held mine with my index finger running parallel with the seams, so that it was in the bottom of the horse shoe. As my arm came forward, My knuckles were facing like a fastball, but instead of flipping it out like a fastball, I would snap it over to one side ( like turning a door handle). This makes the ball come out spinning like a bullet. In order to make this pitch work you MUST get TREMENDOUS rotation. If you do not, it will hang, and go pretty straight. This is a homerun pitch, because there is very little variation in speed.

If you can command your fast ball and change up, and throw your knuckle curve for strikes, you are well on the way.

Take a look at Steve’s article in the summer about 3 pitches are all you need, If you need a 4th, your pitching coach (& the batters)will let you know. Ian.

That’s a lot of pitches. You really don’t need them. A big misconception a lot of pitchers have is that the more pitches you throw, the more difficult you’ll be to hit. More times than not, it’s the opposite. Because pitchers try to throw too many, they never master one or two. It’s that old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

In high school, you need just two plus pitches or three average pitches.

In college, you need two plus pitches and a third average pitch.

In proball, you need three plus pitches.

I’m counting four-seam and two-seam FBs as one pitch, by the way.

Here’s today’s post on pitching grips on my blog: