Best route to take as a homeschooler?

Hi, just trying to figure out the best route to take as a homeschooler in order to be seen by college/pro scouts. I live in north county San Diego.

There will be teams that play college teams, usually called college scout teams, the other way is to enroll at a school and walk on and try out for the team.

In Florida, homeschoolers are allowed to play sports/join clubs within the district they would be attending if they went the traditional route…It’s what Tim Tebow did. You and your parents need to investigate how your state looks at it…there may be “fee’s” or other controlling conditions. Cally has super travel teams, they are crazy competitive (Which will also be expensive but you will have a chance of being seen) and finally failing on those counts, almost every college…from JUCO to USC have open try-out days…go light someones fire…they are free except whatever it takes to get there.