Best Pitching Performance

We’ve all had it, the feeling of invincibility in the mound, nothing can go wrong. Describe your best pitching performance you’ve ever had, any time from little league to current times. have some fun with it :lol:

It was my 13 yr old prep league championship game, under the lights, i came in to relief the bottom of the 7th inning, with the bases loaded, first batter grounded out to the 3rd baseman for a force out at home, i struck out the next batter and the 3rd batter popped out to shallow right field, we won the game, one of the best pitching performances i’ve had.

This wasn’t my best game, but definitely one of the highest and most exciting games I ever pitched.

Last year, varsity, facing a top 10 school in the state. Bottom of the 6th and no-out we were up 12-10 after the first reliever gave up 5 without getting an out. I come in, double play home to one. Then a strikeout. I was pretty pumped.

Come back out to close it, first batter strikes out. Next batter lines out. Two outs, then I suddenly have a bit of a break down, I find myself with the bases loaded and 2 outs, up by 2. Their three hitter comes up (Full ride to University of Washington) and I walk him, 12-11. The four batter comes up (Full ride to Hawaii) and he is the best hitter in the league. I get a strike on him with a curve. Then he fouls one off, then ball one. The count is 1-2 and I throw him a 4-seamer inside. I place it perfectly as it jammed the crap out of him and he pops out to the second baseman. Everybody went crazy and it was probably the best feeling I ever had on the mound.

The best game i ever pitched was when i was 10 years old and i pitched a 4 inning perfect game complete game (due to time limit in the tournament) with striking out 9 batters in a row (10 overall).

We were on the verge of a perfect season, I was playing first base most of the game. Last inning and the bases are loaded, my coach calls on me and my knuckleball to get the final out.

0-0: Knuckleball called for a strike

0-1: Knuckleball called a ball

1-1: KNuckleball fouled off

1-2: Knuckleball fouled off

1-2: Knuckleball called a ball

2-2: Knuckleball foul tipped

2-2: 4-seam fastball swinging strike three

After all those knucklers I knew for sure I would get him with the high heat, I felt like I could get him no matter what, I couldn’t lose, I had already won. Felt so good getting the save that preserved our perfect season.