Best Pitching in MLB

by saying the jays have the best pitching in hte majors?

If everyone is just stating their opinions, the answer will be subjective and there will be no agreement.

I don’t understand why no one doesn’t just look at the numbers. :shock:

guys guys settle down, wow. pluss the rays are finally good and yea though i dont really like them i think its a good change to see them contending for a playoff spot. and i understand what hes saying cause like i want to see the jays in the playoffs but i havent seen that for a while so like yea…

Thank you finally someone understands. But atleast the Jays have won a WS. The Rays only finished not in last place once. And there highest amount of games won in a season was 70. Also how can you hate the Rays, there this years Cinderella team

haha yea, its good to see some change for once, and thats gotta be hard to have dealed with for a lil while.

wats next, the florida panthers winning a stanley cup?