Best Pitching grips for a beginner

Alright guys im 16 and im a sophmore in high school and this season is my first year pitching and the only pitch i throw is a 4 seam fastball what i want to know is whats a good easy pitch to learn besides the 2 seam fastball?
Can you also post pictures/videos of the pitching grips to learn how to throw it.

Also how can i increase my pitching speed?

Being in season, it’s going to be hard to include controllable new pitches at this point.

But you could try a C change and even a knuckle curve ball both of which are thrown with fastball arm action. With the K curve you should roll your witst open at finish(supinate it)

If you’ve never thrown a change before, I’d suggest going with the straight change. It’s thrown exactly like a 4-Seamer, except you hold the ball with three fingers instead of two, and you want to choke the hell out of the ball.

Like so:

And if you can throw a 2-Seamer, you can throw a sinker. Just slightly raise the index finger when you hold the ball. It should look like this:

Now, since you’re just learning how to pitch, I don’t necessarily recommend busting these out in a game situation until you’ve really had time to work on them in bullpens and such.

Alright thanks guys and i been recently throwing this pitching grip and it looks like its sinking but idk what kind of pitch is this?

Looks like a tame forkball

Looks like a tame forkball

Note to Coach Paul: Your computer is repeating itself, just like mine does.
Note to Erik: Tame forkball? I don’t think so. You might have the beginnings of a very good splitter. Just move your fingers off the seams, nothing extreme—and throw the thing like a fastball. And try it with a couple of different arm slots: 3/4 or closer to sidearm, and see what you can do with it. :slight_smile:

Alright man thanks and yeah i really like this pitch its pretty good i need more practice on other pitches though but i dont know where to start?

Splitter, or the beginning of one at least.

Beginner? Nah. You have a pretty good little arsenal in the making. One thing I might suggest—if you find you’re having trouble with the curveball (and a lot of pitchers do), you might concentrate more on the slider, which is easier to throw and to control. Go for the sharp late break on that one. And by all means work on developing that splitter—that can be a devastating pitch once you’ve got it. 8)

And a slider is the same grip as a curveball but the arm is turned right?

My pitching coach of way back, the guy who taught me the slider, described it thus: “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” The slider grip is very off-center, with the index and middle fingers very close together and the middle finger just touching one seam; the fourth and fifth fingers are curled up to one side and the thumb is underneath for support. And when you throw it, the wrist action is easier; you just let it roll off the fingers, unlike the curveball. The idea is to get a sharp late break on the pitch, down and away. It takes some work, but once you have it you have a terrific breaking pitch which is not unlike a fast ball. I threw mine sidearm, and when I crossfired it—ahhh, feel that breeze! 8) :slight_smile:

And how do you grip and throw a knuckle curve? Sorry for all the questions as you can see im new to pitching

No problem. Lots of newcomers to this website have all these questions—that’s what we’re here for. Now, about the grip for the knuckle-curve—there are actually several you can use. What I did was use pretty much a standard knuckleball grip (actually the fingertips), either a two- or a three-fingered grip, and since I didn’t have a fast ball I threw mine like the curveball I did have. I think Mike Mussina picked his up the same way; he couldn’t do anything with a regular knuckler so he experimented and came up with a blistering knuckle-curve. I don’t know what kind of wrist action he used; I had a terrific sharp karate-chop which gave the pitch a devastating action, like the way a glass falls to the floor and crashes into little bits. Because of that drop the batters used to swing over the pitch and hit only air. Of course, you can change up on it, by either loosening or tightening the grip—but remember, you have to throw it, the way you do any other pitch, with the same arm motion and the same arm speed.
(And of course,I crossfired mine a lot.) 8) :slight_smile:

Develop and have the ability to throw your change in any situation first and then worry about a breaking ball.