Best Pitching Drills for Mechanics

I am a coach of a U12 team and am looking for some suggestions of 5 (or more) of your best pitching drills that would instill proper mechanics and form.

Does anyone have a few pitching drills that they really like that they would be willing to share?


I like the NPA’s drills - especially for teaching younger pitchers mechanics that aid performance and health:

o 2-knee drill
o rocker drill
o hershiser drill
o crossover drill
o wall drill

Mechanics to focus on include;

o postural stability
o momentum and leading with the front hip
o glove control

I think working on balance and posture in the post is very important.

Next crossover drill and bucket drill.

Of course all of this in addition to lots of throwing and bullpens at least once a week.

My personal favorite is the “Hershiser” drill, which aims at getting the hips fully involved.
One complaint I have seen frequently on this website is the pitcher having difficulty because he’s been throwing with just the arm and the shoulder, when what he needs is to get the whole body into the action! I learned long ago, from watching how the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation did it, is that by driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and, it seems, seamless) motion they all were generating more power behind their pitches—and taking a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so that they were throwing harder—and faster—with less effort (even Ed Lopat, who was not a fireballer). I picked up on that, worked with it, and got results. So when it comes to drills and exercises for mechanics, the “Hershiser” is one of the best. 8)