Best pitching book/dvd

Im looking for some advice on wat type of book or dvd’s i can buy to help improve my pitching. I am open to any suggestions because i also have the option of a pitching coach for $40 an hour. He played at Cumberland University and won an NAIA national championship with them.(he pitched) We are good friends but my dad just feels that we cant do $40 an hour every week so any suggestions on books/dvds, or systems.

This is not exactly a DVD or a book, but Nyman’s paid download program is good. It’s about rotational throwing and he mentions Nolan Ryan quite a lot

Oh, and it’s $100. Which would worth 2.5 lessons you’d want to be in

You can get Tom House’s latest book, The Art and Science of Pitching, for under $20][u]here[/u

hello my email is if you could email a hyperlink of this download program to me that would help alot thx

Mission accomplished :wink: