Best Pitches in MLB?

its in japanese but scrap the last part about some Japanese’s guy change up since Its really not that good. Check out Wakefield’s Knuckleball… so sick. BTW apparently Dice-k throws a Sinking Slider that has gyroball properties?

I think the best pitch is Barry Zito’s curveball… I mean, it moves like a wiffle ball!

Wow nice find, I actually learned a lot from that vid. Never knew Pedro threw a spiked curve. Now I do :slight_smile:

I have a question: what is the difference between a knuckle curve and a regular curve?

The grip.

Oh shutup :lol: , I know that. But what is the difference in movement?

It depends on the pitcher.

Knuckle curves are usually bigger and slower curves, regular curves usually are a bit faster and have sharper break

Well, I throw one once in a while, and I don’t spike it, it moves like Barry Zito’s, big slow, eyes to toe Uncle Charlie.

lol all my HRs (3HRs) have come from big slow curve since I am so used to them lol. However I cant hit hanging curveball? WTH?!!! BTW I am going to add the eephus pitch since it is pretty easy to pitch and easy on the arm. I might even use it when I need to give the arm a short rest.

Can someone answer 1 question? I grip my “4-seamer” like: 2 finger across the narrowest part of the seam, not on the 2 seam which Is a 2 seamer but across it but slightly tilted. (not a slider or curve) as I release, at the last moment I just left it roll off my middle finger. the pitch is basically a 4 seamer but different, cant describe it… it sweep across the plate but that’s mainly my low 3/4 quarter slot and slightly whippy arm action. The ball just doesnt drop as much as a fastball (my speed, just started baseball and people reckon Im around low 70s, high 60s min to mid-high 80s max) should or thats what my catcher says.

I don’t understand the question lol

As to what I think are the best pitches in the Major Leagues:

Barry Zito - Curve ball
Mariano Rivera - Cutter
Tim Wakefield - Knuckle
Josh Beckett - 2 Seamer
Joba Chamberlain - 4 Seamer
Johna Santana - Circle Change-up
Francisco Rodriguez - Slider

Tim Lincecum- 4 seam FB
Greg Maddux- 2 seam FB
Derek Lowe- Sinker
Joba Chamberlain- Slider
Tim Lincecum- Curveball
Tim Hudson- Changeup
Brandon Webb- Sinker

Tim Lincecum throws a 2-seamer. It is incredibly flat though.

The best pitch in baseball, regardless of what it is or who throws it, is STRIKE ONE. You get that first pitch in there for a strike, you’re ahead of the game. 8)

Shoot I forgot about that one lol.

How bout strike 3?

dont worry guys. I found the answer… I threw a gyroball all along and I dont even know what it is… spin like a slider but doesnt break like a slider and it kinda rises. Should I scrap the pitch and pitch a conventional 4 seam fastball or should I stick with the gyro? with 4 seam would be harder to tell the difference between my 2 seam.

are you righty or lefty
how big are you
how old are you
what is your fastest gun reading and what do you pitch at.
what do you throw in addition to your 2 seam and gyro
what was your innings pitched, stike outs and walks lat year

answer that and we’ll go from there

righty but i can throw lefty backhanded/underhanded but only when I really need it
around 5’10-5’11 and around 175lbs
just turned 18
Dont know and what do you mean what do you pitch at?
just 2 variations of 2 seam and the gyro (not so sure anymore)?
only started this year so…
pitch 7-8 innings in 5 matches or so. didnt pitch in my first match ever. does coming in with 1 or 2 outs counts?
8 strike outs
5 walks… improving since 3 of this came from my first inning ever pitch and 1 was intentional cause catcher told me to.
no earned run
2-3 double plays