Best pitches for a high school pitcher?


I’m a freshman on the JV high school team. I have good control with my fastball and 2 seam. I’m working on a splitter and have been having some success. I’m wondering, what other pitches I should learn, that will be the most effective at my level?


Stick with those, you don’t need anymore. The splitter would still concern me though try a change-up instead.


replace the splitter with a changeup for sure. i would wait atleast 1 year to mess around with breaking pitches. wait to get proper instruction from a coach or someone who knows hows to throw one.


I’ve done some research and a splitter (or at least the one i try to throw) doesn’t have any twisting or snapping of my elbow. I keep my wrist lose and throw it like a fastball. I have also been experimenting with a circle change (my coach is a big fan of the pitch). Do you suggest and pitches with horizontal movement?


A good change-up should get some horizontal movement, if you turn it over or pronate at release it should have a slight screwball action. Work on getting some movement on your fastball too.


I liked my circle change but my coach didn’t. He showed me when I made the the OK, or circle, it caused the tendon in the back of my arm to get tight and stick up and he said that tension could cause problems. He taught me a split change where I kind of slide the index finger down just off of the 2 seam grip. I throw it like a sinker with a lilttle pronation. Took awhile to get used to it but it works better than my old circle change now.


Some kind of a change-up would be better. The change-up is a great pitch.


IMO the two most important aspects of pitching are location and change of speed. The change-up is the most under rated pitch yet it can be one of the most effective.


There’s a couple pro pitchers who would agree with that but they’e not very well known. I think their names are Trevor Hoffman and Greg Maddux. :wink:


if you end up trying to experiment witha change-up (no matter what variation) try and get an extra long drag. believe me, it works very well.


circle change up. if you have a very good change up, you can live off it.


First pitch strikes.


What is your arm slot? How do you get guys out? Answer these questions and I will give you the ins and outs and what suite of pitches work best.

In general all pitchers start with the basic three: Fastball (both varieties) Curveball, Change -up. You learn location from the fastball. You learn rotation from the curveball. You learn anticipation from the change.

These are the tool of your trade if you want to tracend from thrower to pitcher. Ian

Frankly, I have yet to see the Freshman who can pull off the Splitter.


Im on the varsity team. Im the youngest guy on the team and i take a lot of grief for not having a "deadly curve or a nasty slider"
I throw:
4seam/2seam (depending on hitter)
Thats all! and some of the pitchers on out team feel the elbows getting sore. I feel mine getting stronger and stronger. They say I wont make it without a big curve but really…I throw somewhat hard for my age (14) I dont clock my self for personal reasons. I dig the hitter in a hole than i put him down with my cutter that breaks like 14 inches. I dont snap my wirst or anything. The point is…(not to brag because I hate it when people brag) I’m the youngest and most dominate pitcher on the team and i have 3 kinds of fastballs and a changeup. Thats all I need for varsity. If ur splitter gets people to hit the ball on the ground then your fine but i would get a changeup NO MATTER WHAT and save the splitter for the bullpen until its mastered.


I think at your age of 14 you are fine. It sounds like you have a great head on your shoulders. By the time you are in high school you should have a great curveball not just a good one and you should find an outstanding pitching instructor that will teach you how to throw a curveball effectively. If you want to play college ball one day; you need three great pitches not just good ones. Keep up the good work.

Dan Gazaway


yea and cole hammels


drop the splitter for some sort of changeup