Best Pitcher to Watch

I agree it sounds high, but I know every time I see him pitch it seems like he hits 100 on the gun. I’d be curious if someone had one of the older books to find out for sure.

Just a thought would be since he is a closer, he knows he can go out and just gut it. So he can potentially max out, because he knows he’s only asked to throw a max of around 20 or so pitches.

Where as Cabrera is trying to keep himself on the bump and retain some energy.

I have the 2001 edittion, but there isn’t a list of the guys who hit 100 the most times.

This doesn’t really have what we were looking for–but it is a pretty neat list.

[quote=“Hoovedawg”]Centerfield–This is a really small detail but…
According to the Bill James Handbook for 2006 this is the list of the players who broke 100 and the # of times they did it.

Daniel Cabrera-37
Billy Wagner-18
AJ Burnett-17
Kyle Farnsworth-14
Seth McClung-11
Bobby Jenks-10

For 2004 it was

Kyle Farnsworth-30
Jesus Colome-8
Billy Wagner-8
Fransisco Cordero-4
Franklin Nunez-4
AJ Burnett-4

Billy Wagner does throw gas, but he doesn’t pitch enough innings to break 100 that many times.[/quote]

were there more pitchers on this list because Ive seen rich Harden throw 100 a couple of time in one game last year

A.J. Burnett no question. he has been my favorite pitcher since i started playing. What a curveball he has. That is defenition of the hammer! :shock:

I liked watching the way Al Leiter reacted to everything and watching wakefields knuckleball and schilling going out and pitching with that sock.

Mark Mulder or Chris Carpenter. They work fast and have great stuff. You can tell that they expect to win.

Well im a huge Indians fan watching Cliff Lee pitch is great. Hes been very underrated (last yr he was 18-5) and he hasnt got a decision yet but has left with the lead in most of his games. Also Barry Zito and seeing that big curve he breaks off.

Nolan Ryan was my favorite pitcher to watch. Still my favorite player to date. Greg Maddox is a master pitcher and has amazing success. Probably my two favorite pitchers