Best Pitcher to Watch

Sorry I havent been around here in awhile, been traveling a lot with baseball. We’re in a slump right now (me and the team). But I was paid the biggest compliment this weekend. There was a man and his son at our game this weekend aganist Bradley, and I was told he enjoyed the way I pitched (ie coming at batters, attacking the zone).

So i was wondering, who do you love to watch pitch on TV?

I loved watching Nolan Ryan, and now I like watching Zambrano (Cubs fan :lol: )

Any opinoins? and why do you like watching them?

I also enjoy watching Zambrano, Maddux is also a good pitcher to watch, any Cub pitcher is good

i like watching mike mussina

the Roys, Oswalt and Halladay and Rich Harden because he’s canadian and has wicked stuff

I love watching greg maddux pitch i am an braves fan and loved when he pitched for them the way that he hits his spots like no other in the game and he doesn’t need the high 90’s fastball to throw batters off.


Clemens: Powerful, controlled, repeatable.

Wagner: Tempo. Explosive. Shatters all the rules about arm extension on the way down, back and up.

Ryan: Well, what can I say? He’s Ryan.

Smoltz: Smoothest arm action around. Amazing timing of the parts (kinetic chain)

My favorites would be:

Johan Santana: Twins fan, and man he is one person in baseball that can make allstar hitter look stupid with all 3 of his pitches. He mixes well, and attacks.

Greg Maddux: His control and attack of the zone keeps up the pace and watching him spot a perfect pitch really doesn’t get old.

Billy Wagner: Absolute GASSS, on his baseball card it said something like he broke 100 mph 160 times last season, the rest of combined major leagues was around 20 times.

Coming up I think I’ll enjoy Felix Hernandez, the stuff he has shown is absolutely amazing, and he’s young so I could be watching him for many years.

Overall I always enjoy people attacking the zone, it keeps the ball game from getting slow. I was fortunate enough to see go to a UNC game, as well as a game at NC State over spring break, and they were great games, great stadiums, but in both games guys were getting walked and pitchers getting behind a lot. I’m usually really into it, trying to guess pitches and outcomes, but I couldn’t stay in the game with so many walks.

Btw: Good luck to Ryan and team for the rest of your season.

I like watching Bobby Jenks pitch. He throws absolute gas with one of the sickest curves I’ve ever seen. Strikeout pitchers are always fun to watch.

Everyone mentioned already are all great fun to watch.

I am quite short for a pitcher so i like Chad Harville. He’s only like 5’8’’, but his mechanics let him crank it up to about 95, 96 mph.

I like A.J Burnett and the way he controls the tempo of the game. He makes hitters play at his pace. He has an easy motion and the ball totally explodes out of his hand. Then he’ll drop that hammer on you.

Mike Mussina - when he is on he is a thinking man’s pitcher. Fastball tops at 88-89 and he has 5 different pitches.

Johan Santana- change up is just nasty.

Oliver Perez- watch him and you will see why he is so close to becoming a 1st tier player. Nasty stuff and can drop his arm slot during games and pauses and stutter steps in his delivery to throw the batters timing off. He is a very good young pitcher.

Roy Oswalt- personally watched him in a Padre game just dominate last year. He had bases loaded with a 3-2 count and throwing 96 mph during the game. He throws a 72 mph curve ball at the knees to get out the inning. My jaw dropped when I saw this thing go up in the air and just drop in for a strike. He is just filthy.

Jake Peavey- since I am in SOCAL I get to watch this guy. He has become a very good pitcher on a not so good team.

Guys that I think have better than average mechanics (and who I believe have fewer injury problems as a result) include…

  • Zach Duke
  • Freddy Garcia
  • Scott Kazmir
  • Roy Oswalt

I have posted breakdowns of their motions to my web site…

Trevor Hoffman

[quote=“baseballbum”]Mike Mussina - when he is on he is a thinking man’s pitcher. Fastball tops at 88-89 and he has 5 different pitches.

he has a sinking fastball, a cutter, two seam…3 curves including his knucklecurve, i believe he throws a changeup

and the guys on yes are always saying he’s inventing pitches

Pedro … for his creativity and rhythm, and most of all his cockiness.

Mark Buehrle - read my tag line :smiley:

Centerfield–This is a really small detail but…
According to the Bill James Handbook for 2006 this is the list of the players who broke 100 and the # of times they did it.

Daniel Cabrera-37
Billy Wagner-18
AJ Burnett-17
Kyle Farnsworth-14
Seth McClung-11
Bobby Jenks-10

For 2004 it was

Kyle Farnsworth-30
Jesus Colome-8
Billy Wagner-8
Fransisco Cordero-4
Franklin Nunez-4
AJ Burnett-4

Billy Wagner does throw gas, but he doesn’t pitch enough innings to break 100 that many times.

In my youth it was the match of death that always happened when Bob Gibson would go up against Fergusen Jenkins.
In the 70’s I saw Gaylord Perry (Baseballs most successful Hall of Fame cheater!) at his best, simply shut down the A’s and Vida Blue in his prime.
Steve Carlton was almost boring he was so automatic
But for this old (46 yr old) man, Greg Maddox is the best all around “Pitcher” I’ve watched! He shows what preparation is all about, takes an average almost dumpy guy frame and just mutes the other team. Through hard work and intelligence, he should give average guys everywhere inspiration and hope.
Josh Beckett, if he can keep his edge along with Carlos Zambrano are what I see as the future folks to watch.

I did miss speak but there’s a scan with what I had (apparently no one else had more than 12, I also mispoke in that it was an 04 card (refering to 03). Just remembered reading it was all.

Also I had to include a guy I hope will be one of my favorites to watch in a few years. Went to High School down the road from me, and actually played on the same babe ruth team that I happen to be on. Pretty cool since he went in the supplemental first round.

Thats interesting because I got my info from the Bill James Handbook too (2005 and 2006) . I think 159 sounds pretty high. Usually the league leaders in pitches thrown, throw about 3000. The league leaders for IP are usually around 250. Thats 12-ish pitches per inning. If Wagner throws 70 IP at 12 pitches per inning thats about 840 for the season. Its definantally possible, but is incredible if its true. I’m an O’s fan and I see Cabrera pitch a lot, and he seems like one of the hardest throwers in the league and he only topped 100 30 something times. Plus D Cab threw 200 IP.