Best pitcher/OF glove


What’s the best size and what’s the best glove for about 150$


Im thinking about the mizuno GCP10X anyone heard anything about it


I can’t tell you which glove is THE best…
Their are gloves and brands with better built gloves but say you can choose a glove from every top-of-the-line serie you basically have 10 gloves of the same quality…
The only difference is the feel you’ve got with that specific glove and that’s purely bound to your own preferences. So go to a baseball-centre and just try some!

For an adult glove I’m thinking you should get a glove somewhere between 12 and 13 inches (depends on the size of your hands…).


Ya im thinking 12 im only 5ft5


then just go to a baseballcenter and try some!

apart from quality your glove has to fit well…
If you’ll buy the best quality glove but it just sucks wearing it it’s a veerrry useless glove :wink: