Best Pitcher at Fielding His Position

Who do you guys think is the best Fielding Pitcher and why?

I gotta go with Maddux because of those gold gloves and he’s so fundamentally solid.

me because I love pfps!

lol but whoever has most gold gloves… Edit: I’m changing to smoltzy

Mike Mussina. He has won many a gold glove and is a great fielding pitcher.

I saw Maddux make a play the year he won his 1st Cy, it was a hi hopper over the mound, he turned his back to the plate, took about three steps, leaped, snagged the ball, spun and threw to first FOR THE OUT while still in the air…never seen anything like it, I thought he was going to injure himself for sure (I’ve been trying to get Rick Wilkens to get that bit of video from WGN for a while now…if I ever get it I will be sure to post it.).
I would love to know how many pitches he has saved his arm in 20 years, how many trips to the DL avoided because he made plays.
It isn’t absolutely necessary to be an outstanding fielder to be a great pitcher, but my belief is that it makes a great pitcher have great longevity and a better opportunity for success.

Greg Maddux is certainly outstanding…

I’ll add Kenny Rogers to that list. Incredibly quick off the mound, great fundamentals.

Can’t forget Mike Hampton either, he’s one of those exceptional athletes who was one of those irritating kids that always won the “pass, punt and kick” competitions as well as the baseball equivlent “run, throw and hit”. I think the kids coming up are more fully loaded with the full compliment of baseball skills, as well as being bigger, faster, stronger, so the next great fielder may also hit a lifetime .300 in the national league and have 100 homers…

If you look at the numbers for all time…I would go with Greg Maddux (16 Gold Gloves) and Jim Kaat (14 Gold Gloves)

maddux,or lester

Maddux and Mussina are the best of a few others because they demonstrate a follow through that allows them to field a ball and protect their head and chest from serious injury. Now… who is the best off balance fielder?

17 Gold Gloves as of last night. The title Greatest Fielding Pitcher of all Time just got handed out :ole:
Kaat was a journeyman who stayed in baseball partially because he was a great fielder, Maddux is one of the all time top ten, plus greatest fielder.

You will all be able to tell your grandchildren you saw him pitch…
Cy Young
Christy Matthewson
Walter Johnson
Carl Hubble
Bob Feller
Greg Maddux…

It’s rare air and we are blessed (With much respect to the Rocket)