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Regardless of repertoire, the best pitch in baseball is STRIKE ONE.
I was watching the Yanks-Blue Jays game yesterday and I watched Mike Mussina in action. He kept throwing first-pitch strikes, no matter what pitch he was throwing—knuckle-curve, fast ball, splitter, you name it, he was getting it in there, and he stayed ahead of the hitters all through the six innings he pitched. Sometimes the batter was taking, sometimes he would swing and miss or foul it off, but always STRIKE ONE.
And the Moose didn’t walk a single batter in the six innings he pitched. So, at whatever level you may be, keep this in mind. Get the first pitch in there for a strike and you’re sure to come out all right. :slight_smile: :!:

Zita said “Regardless of repertoire, the best pitch in baseball is STRIKE ONE.”



FB because ifyou locate thats all you need

i dont care how hard you throw it, a well placed heater is still the best pitch in the game


i agree

Regardless of repertoire, the best pitch in baseball is STRIKE ONE.

No matter where I was… bullpen or dugout, when one of my guys got that call with their first shot… it was like a ton of bricks were lifted off my chest.

It also did wonders for the rest of the club. That first shot called strike one is thee pitch to strive for. The confidence levels go off the charts. Trust me on this one folks. If a pitcher can get that first shot as a call strike, your pitching coach is more often than not willing to go a lot further with you in a game. Your head coach will let you ride more often than not in a game … especially at the college and definitely at the rookie A, and A level in the pros.

Regardless of your level of play… get in there and go for that first shot call …STRIKE ON.

Zita… an excellent post… and one that should remain on the board.

i couldn’t agree more, NO ONE can hit the ball in any location. a well placed fastball is very difficult to hit.

Change up. Seeing how guys like Rodney, Pedro, Hoffman dominate this hitters with it… its amazing.

Everybody knows the best pitch in Baseball is the strike :shock:

When MLB Network was launched a couple of weeks ago, they showed an old kinescope of the game of Oct. 8, 1956—Don Larsen’s no-no-no, which I had seen at Yankee Stadium on the date in question. Because it was an old kinescope there was just one camera behind the plate, and so I had an unparalleled opportunity to concentrate on Larsen’s pitching. And what pitching! About 98% of the time he got that first pitch in there for strike one. He had a sneaky fast ball, a killer slider, a great changeup, and about five or six different speeds on his curve ball, and it didn’t matter which pitch he started off with, it was almost always in there for strike one. The guy actually put on a clinic, was what he did, and he did it with two different deliveries—3/4 and occasionally sidearm. But always strike one.
That confirms what I’ve been saying all along. The best pitch in baseball, regardless of the repertoire, is STRIKE ONE. Get it in there and you’re ahead of the hitters from the get-go. 8) :slight_smile:

the best pitch the is the location pitch. the pitch you can locate on the corners. i voted slider. because the 4 seamer is no doubt the best.

you should have said the best pitch beside the 4 seam

Best pitch is “First Pitch Strike”!!!