Best MLB Baggy Style Pants?

(I know this is a pitching forum, but I was hoping you guys could help me out.)
Sick of tight, cheap pants, I have been looking for a company that makes quality MLB baggy style baseball pants. I’m looking for pants with a very long, or unfinished inseam. After looking around I found a couple that seemed to meet my criteria, but it is very hard to tell what the pants look like in person, considering all the manufacturers are starting to label their pants as “Manny Style,” or “Extra baggy”, when they are tight and poorly made. I compiled a list of pants that sound rite, but I wanted to ask your opinions 1st. If you have bought or used any of the following pants, please give me your review. (The baggier the better; most pants that are labeled baggy and loose fit horribly on me.)

Go to Dicks sporting goods or sporta authority and try some on. Mine have the elastic ankle so I bought extra long ones. That way the elastic is higher up and the rest of the pants fall lower over my shoes. They were like $15 easton pants.

I always end up ripping cheap pants very quickly

Dont we all. Lol I dont know much about the high qualty ones. I have no problems with the cheaper ones. Any of the pants that dont have the elastic on the legs will fit looser and better around your shoe.

Some time back there was a whole discussion about baggy pants, pro and con. Let me quote something Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek said on this subject: “You have to have baggy pants if you’re a catcher, because you have to squat all the time.” He was right. Just imagine: you’re a catcher, and you have to squat, and if your pants are too tight they’re going to rip, and you have to keep running to the dugout to get another pair. I would suggest that you go to a couple of sporting goods stores where they have pants you can try on, and when you find a pair that’s comfortable and that you can squat in without worrying about ripping them, get several pairs in your size. You should be all right. 8)

If you go with the baggy pants make sure you still wear the socks high like a real ball player :stuck_out_tongue:

So are you saying that players like Jeter, Cano, Randy Johnson, etc. are fake or not- real ball players?

They are, they just ain’t lookin’ the part :wink:

Tyja are baggy.

Boombah are cheap.

Rpn high priced but not the baggiest

Elite is baggy