Best methods to increase velocity?


I’m 13 years old and I throw 55-57 mph. I would like to increase this even though I understand velocity isn’t everything. Any knowledge you have would be appreciated. Thanks


Correct velocity isn’t everything but velocity is king. In my opinion the best way is heavy lifting in combination with mechanical fixing.


Thanks for the info. Can u recommend some good exercises that u can do outside of a gym?


Believe it or not,

running -> to condition your whole body, build your stamina and speed;
sit-ups -> to build your mid core section since you will need them to generate your power;
push-ups -> build up your upper body and strengthening your shoulders and arms and upper back;
pull-ups -> strengthen your shoulders and trapz!!!

Happy exercising!



Alex gives some good exercises for sure. I would follow this rouine as a guide to get you in shape as a beginner.

Week 1:
Situps, pushups, squats (50 each everyday)

Week 2:
Same exercises but 75 each everyday

Week 3-6:
Same exersises but 100 each everyday

Mix in a long jog at least 1x per week

This is very simple, but it works the basics very well with no equipment. It also shows work ethic and commitment by completing it everyday.


At 13 years-old you should be experimenting with other sports, which often develop muscles and coordination that you can use in pitching and along the way, in gaining velocity. Some words of wisdom from a former pro pitcher and long-time physics professor, who at age 55 is now throwing the ball harder than an old man should. And loving it!


Do you guys know how to post a video?


Just work on your mechanics. The weight room is definately overrated when it comes to pitching velocity. Obvs still lift, but don’t think just by lifting you’re gunna toss cheese. Work and getting smoother and more explosive mechanics and you’ll be a dude on the hill.