Best Mechanics In Baseball

Don’t they actually bring their body towards the glove. Which according to that video someone posted in the Mechanics forum I think, which was pretty good, said with high speed cameras they found out they don’t actually pull the glove the body goes to it.

yeah the body comes to the glove

but if you pull the glove to the body your shoulders will turn quicker

francisco rodriguez does it and it contributes to his wild mechanics but they he has control and is effective(bob gibson style)

Kelvin see what DM said? He said he doesn’t do that. I haven’t looked into it at all. I’m not speaking for myself. But…see the thing under DM’s name? There are like 5 guys that have that thing under their name? Do you know what it is? Do you know why they have it?

[quote=“kelvinp”]yeah the body comes to the glove

but if you pull the glove to the body your shoulders will turn quicker[/quote]
Nope. Basic physics says that for every force there is an equal and opposite force. Pulling the glove back pulls the glove-side shoulder foward. That would have the effect of rotating the shoulders the wrong direction. The only way pulling the glove can help rotate the shoulders in the right direction is to pull early and let the momentum of the arm moving rearward help pull the shoulders around. But I recommend you do NOT pull the glove early because you’ll probably open up early.

its all about timing & practice

the arm doesn’t come back until foot plant therefore not rushing

if you practice it enough it will work out

the way k-rod kicks his arm out it, his body cant come to it

how can his body not come to the glove? when the shoulders rotate thats when the glove comes in a little but its never pulled in. trying to ratate shoulder quicker is worthless without force applied behind it. the lower body is how you rotate shoulders quicker. and ya it is bad mechanics to pull your glove to your body, glove appears to come in because of force from lower half bringing chest forward to create torque in arm. they tuck the glove but thats because of rotation of shoulders

the way yall are saying it is that the glove side arm has nonething to do in the pitching motion

why does k-rod & lincecum kick their arm out in their pitching motion

they do it for repetition. there front and back arms are in line…they also have big tilts in there deliveries. so therefor the glove goes up to keep shoulders in line and also tilted back…its all repetition, you go tilt your shoulders like them and then point your glove directly to plate and see how balanced you are