Best Major League Arsenal for a Reliever?

Who has the best MLB closer arsenal?

I would give the edge to Lidge over Rivera, simply for his ability to end rallies with a four pitch strikeout.

Depends on who the batter is, some guys hit certain pitcher or pitchers better.

im actually going to go with Putz, he was injured alot of last year and the mariners didnt exactly give him many opportunities but he has a nasty splitter

rivera’s cutter is still the best pitch in majors, lidges slider is good, but he can’t consistently throw it for strikes.

I know he is in a small market (Royals), and you guys probably haven’t seen much of him, but Soria’s stuff is NASTY. IF and when the Royals could get to the 9th with the lead, the game was over.

Francisco Rodriguez - 4 Seamed Fastball, 2 Seamed Fastball, Change-up, Curveball, Slider. Every since one has great movement, his velocity is right up there with the best fireballers, and you can’t really argue with 62 saves.

I’ve watched a bit of him, his offspeed is filthy. Only throws what, 90-91? But that big curve and change of his are tough to beat.

In light of 2009, I would have to reaward this title to Jonathan Broxton, a 100mph fastball and slider with similar tilt to Lidges at 90… His putting up Gagne 2003 type numbers…

Mariano Rivera’s cutter has the value of 5 pitches it’s just that good so he wins.

i have to agree with that

Rivera’s cutter and lidge’s slider are some of the best

Rivera’s cutter for sure!