Best Feeling In The World!

I hope one day I can do this. I get chills every time I watch this.

It’s my wish to do this just once

I think it’s better than Hell’s Bells…Great tune…lots-o-fun

Mariano holds the title to Enter Sandman. Wagner doesnt deserve it.

OMG!!!.. that’s gotta be the second greatest closer intro in NY!

Besides, as a futureKazmir you would have been traded to a struggling team and wouldn’t be closing it for the Mets.

And if you were closing it for the Mets, you would have blown the save. :tongue:

Amen to that Baker

wtf man metallica has way better intros to come out to…sad but true, master of puppets, from whom the bell tolls. what the hells up with this obsession with a crappy song

Don’t forget Battery. Battery is almost an intro to Master of Puppets just because of how badass that song is.

true but really Wagner holds it and Rivera doesn’t deserve it. Wagner entered to this song his whole career when Rivera entered to it when he was the closer. Just a mere technicality.

if you say “enter sandman” sucks then you are not a true Metallica fan. I think St.Anger would also be a good song to enter to.

Ha cuz i think the most popular metallica song sucks than im not a metallica fan? ya i said it sandman is played out and is nothing like the four horseman, creaping death, from whom the bell tolls, or and justice for all…the whole st. anger album sucks also. true fan my ass, they have a ton of better songs( especially intro songs) to pick from.

I think that for whom the bell tolls is a better entry song.