Best durable wood Bat

I already asked this question couple months back but since we are closer to summer what is the best and most durable wood bat (at a decent price)?

are those bats any good?

[color=blue]1st -Rawlings Big Stick 325 Light 34 IN
2nd-Rawlings Big Stick 232 32 IN PROFESSIONAL MODEL
3rd- Louisville Slugger #125 Flame Tempered C243
4th- Louisville Slugger #180 Flame Tempered GRAND SLAM[/color]

In additon, please consider:

  • although these bats are relatively not that expensive when compared to metal bats, they do require better care. A fine grade of sandpaper should be used befroe you take these bats to the park for play. Just lightly take off the clear coating. Always wipe down your bats with a clean dry towel B-4 storage.

  • find yourself a coach that can teach you how to hit with wood. Believe me, it’s a different experience. A quality issue of hitting … like pitching, takes practice and good coaching. Metal can be forgiving … wood will not.

  • NEVER let other players use your bats. Their your property and can be cracked by someone who hasn’t been schooled in their proper use. Besides, other players will joke about the bat’s cracking and it’s all a big laugh – right up until you ask them to caugh up $$$$.

  • bat’s just like gloves have a certain “feel” to them. Grain quality, where the tree was grown, what kind of wood, painted or not painted, balance and weight proportions Vs the bat’s sweet spot – handle width to your hands.

  • remember, one of the most important things about bats is your BAT SPEED not your bat’s weight. Don’t be fooled into getting a heavy bat thinking that it’ll mean more hits.

  • once your schooled in playability you’ll want a selection of bats that’ll allow you to pick one that’s for just getting on base, a bat that can generate an RBI, a bat that’s just right for laying down a bunt, and so forth. A collect of bats is like a tool box - hammer, wrench, etc., each for a specific job. Sometimes, however, you’ll get a favorite that you can do almost anyting with … and those are one in a million.

= if your just starting off with wood , I would suggest a Rawlings Big Stick 325 Light 34 IN . Their not that expensive and you can swing this weight and length even if your not gifted with strong shoulders and strong arms.

Coach B.

Where can I get those bats Dick’s sporting or do I have to order online? also

scroll down… lol

As a side note to the bats that your asking about:
Baum®Bat — the first, best and still the only true high-tech wood composite bat

You might want to check with the league and governing association that you compete with to insure that this bat falls within their legal limits, with respect to composition, type, etc…

Some of this stuff on the market can fall outside the “specs” of some governing associations.

Coach B.

Sambats are really durable, but they are a lot

Usually Louisville bats have nice prices