Best curve?

I basically have three different types of curves and I want to only get one down to throw in game where I know I can throw it for strikes. I have a 12-6, a regular one that breaks down and away from a right handed batter with a sharp break, and a slider type thing that moves across the plate. Like I said earlier, I only need one for the game which one should I go with? :shock:

A hard 12-6er is tough to beat.

Do you throw all from the same arm slot?

yes i throw all from the same arm slot but i can throw side-armed or 3/4 but i choose not to. I throw over the top. I can also throw a nice curve throwing side-armed.

Actually, which type of curve ball you throw depends on the kind of batter you’re facing. There are some hitters who will go after any one of them, no matter which one you throw, and more often than not they’ll belt them a country mile—and there are the ones who, as the old joke goes, wire their folks at home and say “See you soon—they’re starting to throw curves!” There are the hitters who have a long swing and will be fooled by a slow curve, and there are the ones who have a short compact swing and will be suckers for a fast one. You need to know the opposing hitters, their strengths and weaknesses, how they position themselves at the plate, whether they do something that indicates they might bunt or try to go to the opposite field, and pitch accordingly. I for one would advise being able to use all three of those pitches, one of which could be used as a changeup.
Being a sidearmer with not much in the way of speed, I had to go to the breaking stuff early, and one thing I picked up that I used very effectively was the crossfire—a move that works only with the sidearm motion. I was able to use it with everything I threw, a fact that was not lost on my pitching coach ( :)) My two best pitches were the slider and the knuckle-curve, and I built my whole repertoire around them.
As for throwing strikes—you know how to do that. Just keep the ball down. But if the batter indicates he’s going to bunt, give him one high and inside, because that kind of pitch is the most difficult to bunt. (He will probably pop it up.)

12-6 is my recommendation. Get that pitch through the zone quickly!

A good ol yellow hammer will do the trick