Best Creatine?

I’m planning on starting to take Creatine. What would be the best choices?

I’ve heard good things about SizeOn

I use 4everfit creatine monohydrate. But Centerfield coudl probably make a better suggestion.

Pure creatine mono from a reputable company, preferably with the Creapure certification which is pretty stringent testing standards.

I go for Biotest Pure Creatine mono, 13 bucks for a half kilo to your door in 3 days.

All the distros of creatine are basically companies trying to make an extremely cheap product into a money maker.

Nothing besides monohydrate has ever been proven or studied either. A wildly popular expensive form, CEE, was finally busted a year ago when studies finally came out showing it was bogus. Funniest part is that people continue to buy it.

Size on is basically expensive creatine + sugar in a designer package. At 2 dollars per seving, one could get creatine and a great preworkout sup or creatine and a couple shakes a day for that price.

I do buy into creatine uptake with sugars, but that can be remedied with a couple pounds of dextrose that can be had for a few dollars or grapes juice.

The only one I use is GNC Pro Preformance Creatine MonoHydrate
Its only like 20$ and lasts for prolly 3-4 months. I garuntee you if you haven’t taken creatine supplements before this, you will see an increase in strength, endurance, and energy.

It’s flavorless and I mix it with Gatorade before and after workouts. Also whenever possible I drink it before baseball practice and games. I’ve got the 2.2lb. one for 2 months and still have about .8lbs. left.

centerfield. i just ordered the creatine you suggested. how much and when do you take your creatine each day? what do you put it in or mix anything with it?