Best commercial ever

You consider that the “best commercial ever”? I’d hate to see what you think is the worst. Its about a video game for gods same. Even the stupid “Geico Cavemen” commercails are better then that, and there pretty bad.

so what if its about a video game. the song and the way its played out is hilarious. the geico commercials are pieces of garbage. you have no taste man

I never said the Geico commercials were the best. Apperantly you have no taste with the video game commercial.

Anyone remember the old Geiko commericals? I remember they were almost always 15 seconds and the funniest commercials and you alwyas got 2 seperate ones at once. They were my favorite what happened lately?

This isn’t even close to being the best commercial ever.

jesus… i just posted it for something to look at because it IS funny. didnt expect for all your tampons to start flying out and telling me how its not the so called best commercial ever. who cares i posted it because i thought it to be funny

also theres about 3 pages for every posted vid on youtube of this from people saying how funny it is and what the name of song is. apparently somone thinks its funny. sorry i couldnt live up to your standards next time you dont like it dont give a stupid responce. making it sound like ive offended everyone because i posted under the title best commercial ever

I personally think it’s a great commercial, that’s hilarious. You just have to have that kind of sense of humor.