Best cleat for 14 yr. old pitcher

Our 6’4" 14 yr. old son is still growing. Metal cleats are legal this year. There has been some discussion that they could cause injury to a growing young pitcher , not allowing for twisting motion. On the otherhand, we can see the advantages. What are your thoughts?

Absolutely 100% in favor of metal cleats – especially for pitchers. Every single MLB player wears them. Every single college player wears them, with the exception of a few infielders. I don’t see any reason not to, and the traction that you get makes a huge difference.

I liked Nike - but in college and pro ball, wore whatever company was sponsoring us at the time. Adidas felt too heavy. LOVED Reebok, but they changed their cleats too much. Under Armor didn’t have cleats back then. Ringor were waaaay too heavy. Mizuno are a little stiff and narrow. So go with a nice pair of Nikes.

I agree, I got Nikes and I love them. Had Adidas before them and also thought they were too heavy. I like metal also for my cleats, but here in New York City, at least in my case, I have to play a lot of games on turf fields where we can’t wear metal, so I always get interchangeable cleats, and where the metal when I can. So I definitely agree with Steven on the metal, but if your son might be playing on turf a lot by any chance, you might want to check if he’s allowed to wear metal on there before hand.

Good luck.

Ive always been a fan of the Nike Shox.