Best breaking ball you've ever seen a pitcher throw?

Which Major League pitcher has thrown the nastiest breaking pitches you’ve ever seen? If you have video post, but otherwise just tell the pitcher.

For me, it would have to be Kerry Wood back when he was young and healthy. His curveball and slider were both just so unbelieveble, I can’t throw stuff that nasty with a wiffle ball.

He throws some dirty curveballs near the beggining, and then check out the 1:19 atbat. That slider should be illegal.

did that slider actually rise a couple of inches? :shock:

i didnt know that was possible

dennis martinez


I’m gonna go with Tim Wakefield

i would say zito’s curveball during his cy young year and definitely francisco rodriguez’s slider. that thing is filthy. rivera’s cutter used to be insane too.

Daisuke Matsuzakas mystery pitch he threw during the Japan vs Cuba game to the lefty. The pitch was clearly going to hit him then darts all the way to the outside.

:shock: YOUTUBE IT