Best brand of glove?




At catcher my main position right now I use a Wilson A2000|0/
When I am playing infield or pitching I use my mizuno glove.|0/N/36+1100011+33+4294966907/Nty/1/categoryId/1100011/



  1. Akadema
  2. Mizuno
  3. Nokona
  4. Wilson
  5. Rawlings


It’s all personal preference… I like the old school wilson A2000 still the best. Rawlings makes a fine glove as well.


Hey I have one of those, A2000 XLO :stuck_out_tongue:


Glovesmith Custom Elite in CRS leather. Strong, Durable and Keeps it’s shape after broken in.

This is my personal preference.


DR gloves are amazing. Got one about 7 years ago, is amazing, really comfortable, durable and light.


How has nobody mentioned Kelley? lol I LOVE these gloves…


god i want to buy a new glove, but i hae an old tpx omaha pro infielders glove and I love it and it’s broken in so nice. We’re buying a nokona formy dad for fathers day though(late present, haha), just there impossible to find in canada.


my favorite glove is Rawlings Heart of the Hide they are so comfortable. The one con about it though is that if you prefer keeping your finger inside the glove, instead of keeping the pointer finger out. I hurts a ton if you don’t catch it in the pocket.


i like my glove, rawlings gold glove elite. the thing is so hard to break in though. i got it in april and its still stiff as heck


Rawlings Pro Preferred.


i think rawlings makes the best gloves overall. my favorite of the rwlings gloves are the pro preffered. hoh’s are too heavy (haven’t tried primo’s). also a2000’s and a2k’s ar comfortable and durable. right now though i have a Nokona american pro. its very comfortable and is the most durable of any glove i have used. and i love it for pitching.


I think Nokona makes the best gloves. They are soft and very easy to break in. They last a long time in top condition. I buy all of my stuff from Nokona now.


I really like the Wilson A2000 series. When i was 10, I got my first A2000. It was an H web 11 1/2 inch (the only one of it i can find is the black and gray color NOW). I loved it! I played catch with it every day and it got broken in fast. I used that in 11u travel ball, and the next year in 12u I got an A2000 11 3/4 inch. I used that in 12u and am still using it this year in 13u. This season, though I got an A2000 12 inch black first base mitt. Still in the process of breaking it in. I love the A2000. They are not to heavy, not to light, and they have soft quality leather that lasts and breaks in good. I love them!


does a glove make a difference for pitching depending on if its light or heavy or the size?


If you want a glove that is durable and has a nice feel i would have to go with a TPX Omaha infield 11 3/4" Iv had it for 2 years now and it has the same form and feels great. It has gotten drenched and still has same color and no sign of wear.


I’d seriously recommend this independent glove maker…

his materials are lighter than but just as strong if not stronger than leather.

Not to mention a lot more comfortable.

I also have a Louisville Slugger TPX pro that is much heavier and less comfortable.

Both of the above are ambidextrous gloves.

However i also used to own a pair of ZETT gloves that i bought in Taiwan, one right handed and another left handed… sold the righty one, and still keep the lefty one. Awesome quality, comfortable, and affordable…


I like Mizuno, I got a new one this season. It was pretty stiff at first, it broke in easy though.


Wilson, hands down.