Best AT-HOME Pitching Workouts/Exersices?

I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m looking for any type of workout or exercise I can do at home during the offseason. I throw about 83 and only throw a 4 seam, a curveball, and a cutter. The only equipment I have at home is a bench and barbell, with limited amount of weights, along with some 10 pound dumbbells. Any suggestions on things I can do for strength or agility would be appreciated, keep in mind the limited equipment. All suggestions are welcomed, thanks.

Hi there,
The best things for you to do are core exercises and then work on strengthening rotator cuff and tendons on both sides not just on your throwing side.
From there, calisthenic training is great for pitchers because you will get strong throughout your whole body not just the muscles your training. Best of luck!!

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I would recommend the program top velocity I have been doing it for a couple months and have noticed big velocity gains

There is two sites that have some good workouts. I would also recommend the program TuffCuff.

Here is another one