Best arsenal

if you had the ability to throw any pitches

what would they be?

max of 6

Riveras cutter when he was at his best.
and a 4 seam

No pitcher should ever have 6 pitches you need to be able to comand the strike zone with 4 and 2 seam fb and a change-up before you start to go crazy with other pitches.

2 Seam fastball(90-95)
Change w/movement(80-85)
Good breaking pitch

If a pitcher can spot all 3 of those consistently, they should be set.

I would really love to have a FB high 80s
then a knuckleball mid 60s
finally a sinker in low 80s for groundouts

Good Tailing 2Seam at 92-96
Late Breaking Cutter at 90-94
Good Changeup around 80
Good Tight Slider around 86-88
Slow Loopy Show Me Curveball around 70

I think that would be a paticuarly effective combo because the 4 basic pitches all feature fastball armspeed, but all 4 move differently at the plate.

I don’t know exactly what I’d pick, but what I throw is a 4S fastball, slider, K-curve, and splitter… I work on a cutter/2S fastball in BP’s… but Im not game ready with them, so it’s just a tinkering around pitch for now…

Picture Phil Niekro’s Knuckler with Nolan Ryan’s fastball, that would be scary.

The batter either has to be ready for a slow wobbly pitch or swing fast at a 100 MPH fastball.