Best Arm in Baseball?

I don’t know but it’s a world class throw :shock:


Great throw, for sure. Who was that?

D-backs’ outfielder Gerrardo Parra has an equally good arm. He’s picked off enough people from the outfield that base runners have started being conservative when the ball is hit to him. It’s fun to watch the pick-offs but it’s also fun to watch his impact on the opposing teams’ baserunning.

That my friend (and I am shocked that you don’t recognize) is Puig. Cuban defector, Dodger superhuman and rock chunker par excellance.
The guy is a gamer (-:

Ump called him safe- replay showed him O-U-T.

I remember one Dave Winfield…this guy ain’t a piker but he darn certain ain’t Dave Winfield…I remember one Yankee game…would have been 83 or 84…on the YES network…I saw Dave Winfield pick up a ball from the base of the wall in Yankee Stadium and throw a dead strike to home plate, no crow hop, just picked it up, reared back and threw a strike :shock:
Puig’s got an arm…you can bet Harper won’t soon forget it. :wink:
That was a terrific baseball play either way.

I’m going with Rick Ankiel, wherever that guy is now he sure has a cannon for an arm.