Best arm angle in respect to velocity?

From which arm angle can a person throw the hardest?

I would say that it doesn’t make much difference, because there are many factors that enter into throwing a ball at one’s top speed. A pitcher will generally use the arm slot, arm action, what have you, that is most comfortable. Some pitchers throw straight overhand, some go to the 3/4 delivery, still others throw sidearm—and there are even some submariners in the picture. And there are a few who use more than one arm slot: for example, El Duque—Orlando Hernandez—who, when he was pitching for the Yankees, used almost as many arm slots as one has fingers! I remember Allie Reynolds, who used two or three different arm angles, and his fast ball was clocked at better than 100 miles an hour. Vic Raschi also came close to that speed. And we have guys like bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, and going back we have Bob Feller, Walter Johnson (a true sidearmer)—there are plenty of them. It all depends on what is comfortable for a pitcher and what enables said pitcher to attain that top speed. 8)

For me it was high-3/4, but I really think it’s gotta do more with a person’s natural arm slot. Pedro threw his hardest from low-3/4. Nolan Ryan was high 3/4. Randy Johnson was very low 3/4. etc, etc…

How do you throw?

As you know, I was one of those exasperating sidearmers, and I could throw with both the long-arm and the short-arm versions, the latter of which I had learned from Mr. Lopat. And there was the infuriating crossfire which had the batters screaming all the way back to the dugout, all sorts of imprecations, invectives and just plain cusswords. And all I did was smile. :slight_smile:

I throw high 3/4

I believe so much of arm action should be of natural discovery.